What 1 Click Sweep is All About


With a one-time purchase from the internet, you can get our program–1 Click Sweep–and transform your slow PC back to its speedy glory. After installing the program, choose the folders and files you want to delete permanently from your system, then click the clean button. After a couple of minutes, your PC is clean as a whistle. It’s that simple.

The files that are deleted from your PC will be permanently gone. You don’t have to see those unnecessary files that have been accumulating due to your web browser use. You can disable all those programs that start-up when your computer boots. You can say goodbye to your internet history. You can say goodbye to extremely slow and sluggish speed.


The infographic above shows some other ways you can clean up your computer.

Consider your laptop good as new with our program. All those little traces and fragments that the registry has been holding on to, all those junk files, will be gone. Our customers have been going on and on about how our program has made their computer so much faster. Take it from the furniture store that sells office chairs 辦公椅 down at Main Street. They said their computers are back to their original lightning fast speed thanks to our program.

And for you reading this, if you have a PC, a laptop, a netbook, what are you waiting for? Come get our program now. As a general rule, you should have a program to do some sort of regular maintenance program to prolong its shelf-life and keep that speed in tip-top shape.

Solving Slow PC Performance By Using 1 Click Sweep


Here’s another interesting infograph we found the interwebs. It asks the question, “Is your PC slow?” I can already hear your resounding yes. With the use of this info graph, let’s take a closer look at your PC’s slow performance, and what you can do about it.

The first step shown in this infograph suggests that if you don’t really need to use a certain program every day, you don’t need it to run during start-up. We have a special feature for this in our software called Startup Management. There, you can disable all the apps and software that startup when your PC boots up.

The next step shown in this infograph is to bring up the task manager and know what programs and processes are taking up the most of your PC’s performance. Then end the tasks accordingly.

Next would be to defragment your system. Just make a quick google search on how to defragment your system if you don’t know how.

Next would be somewhere we can be of assistance with–cleaning up your temporary files. Now, these temporary files are what have been accumulated from constant usage and browsing from the internet.

You can get rid of all these junk files with the click of a button by using our software.

However, to really maximize the speed of your PC. Follow the next few steps. That is, to check your disk drive utilization, and keep at least 20% of hard disk drive space free.

Next would be to make sure that you don’t have too many Windows tabs open. And, another would be to check if you’ve got enough RAM.

Here are some maintenance tips that we found on YouTube to fortify the service that we give with 1 Click Sweep:

Our newest client who runs a business center knows all about our new product features after they’ve availed of our full product. Now they enjoy faster PCs and better PC maintenance.

“Feedback After Using 1Click Sweep” by Maria Green

What I love about this software is its features. It has privacy protection. That means it cleans those pesky auto complete forms, like my login information, my username, passwords, addresses, credit card information, and other personal information that I entered on dialogue boxes online in search engines.  It also deletes my temporary internet files, and erase selected cookies. See, it doesn’t delete the important cookies, just those unnecessary ones. It also cleans my history. Boy, it cleans my history like my mom cleans the sink when she’s stressed. That is, squeaky clean. I can’t see any trace of those information I don’t want anyone to see. It cleans lists of my recently started programs and search results. It also cleans my recently opened documents and clipboard content.
One feature that is on top of my favorites list is that 1ClickSweep immunizes my computer against spyware. It serves as a sort of security guard. It irreversibly deletes my files so that absolutely no one will get their hands on it. I read the website information and it says it even uses algorithms that are really something else. Terms like, “Russian GOST P50739-95,” “US Department of Defense sanitizing standard DoD 5220.22-M,” and Peter Guttman’s “Secure deletion of Magnetic and Solid-State Memory.”
Aside from this, it clears my directory entries, and wipes out cluster tips. You know those free parts of file clusters. Overall, 1ClickSweep really frees up my disk space. My computer has so much more free space now. Space that I can use for other stuff like movies, music, and pictures. I love this software so much.
Aside from this, the software also serves as a scheduler. It setups predefined lists and times for clean-up in my computer. It sets up tasks for cleaning in the back area of my computer.

The best thing about 1 Click Sweep is that it has a Safe Clean button that instantly clears up my unwanted data, caches, thumbnails, installation files, and unnecessary files in my computer. Trash files used to be part of my growing list of problems (aside from what I’m going to feed my kids the next day). Now, I rest peacefully knowing my computer is in the safe hands of this software that cleans it up, and protects it from security threats. No longer do I have to worry about disk space problems and hackers. I know my computer is junk-file-free and safe because I have this software. Those threats that attack my computer are a thing of the past. 1ClickSweep stops them right at their tracks.

The efficiency of 1ClickSweep is really something else. My computer has never been cleaner. Also, I plan on one day passing on my computer to my kids, and I don’t want to worry about what they might find in there. Or maybe I might even sell this computer someday. I need this software so that the next user will want to buy it, because it can clear my hard drive completely. That saves up a lot of time for me.

I found a Youtube video online that shows a similar technique that 1ClickSweep does:

“1ClickSweep Review” by Mark Kim

I really like this software. It was super easy to use. I opened it, and everything was already laid out perfectly for me. One click, and done! My computer was clean as a whistle. I couldn’t see my old files anymore. All those pesky history searches, gone. All those temporary internet files, gone. Also, those auto fill information was not there anymore. It was like I was given a fresh start.

What made it even more awesome was that I could actually confirm and select information for what I wanted to irreversibly wipe out from my computer. And all the rest of that junk, I won’t have to ever see again. My disk space is now clean of those files that have been pestering in my computer for many years. All those temporary files made by Windows are now gone. This is in addition to those other temporary files by other programs. I can also delete offline content if I want to. And those links to files and documents that are opened by MS Office and other Windows applications, I don’t have to worry about anymore.

This software is truly a gift. Whereas in the past I would worry about my internet search history, now I don’t have to anymore, because with a very convenient click of a button, it’s all gone. Now, people won’t know what websites I opened, or how many times I’ve been on a certain website. We all know how embarrassing that is. Also, security is a growing problem nowadays, and the last thing you need is a security threat ruining your day, and perhaps your year, because your laptop is no longer functioning because somebody hacked your computer. With 1 Click Sweep, I am able to erase all my troubles on that matter.
My download history is also a site to behold. I don’t want anyone to see that. That is definitely off limits for anyone. That’s why 1 Click Sweep is really the answer to my privacy prayers.
The program is really, really easy to use, so you don’t need to worry about not understanding anything. You’ll see that when you open the program, it’s just there. All the information you need is just there. There’s a button, you click it, you sift through what you want to delete, and boom! Your computer is clean.
I wish I had known of this product sooner. I wouldn’t have had to worry about privacy or security as much as I did in the past. All those unwanted files, I would’ve gotten rid of sooner. And I would’ve slept more soundly knowing I can just delete whatever embarrassing piece of information I had on my computer.
Did I mention I have so much disk space now? Yes, because of this software I now have more space for other important files. All those unwanted files that accumulated over time were gone within minutes. This is because of all those pesky spam websites and emails I have been opening. With 1 Click Sweep I was able to rid of all of that junk instantaneously.
Next year, I plan to upgrade to a new laptop, and I am comforted by the fact that I don’t need to go to a technician to help me delete things from my hard drive. Because of 1 Click Sweep, I can do that myself. It’s not rocket science. In fact, it’s really easy and convenient.
My roommate, who is a SEO guy, likes snooping around my laptop, so I make sure he doesn’t have any dirt on me by using this software. It really works! Unlike other cleaners that still leaves traces of files, this one completely wipes unwanted files off the face of the Earth. It’s really top-notch.
I don’t have to fear situations like this picture:

Features of Our PC Cleaning Product


We have been getting great reviews of our product. And a huge factor that influences this review is probably the simplicity yet efficiency of our product. Our product can be applied to multiple computers at a time.

The registry of your computer is the core of your computer, and it absolutely has to be cleaned if you want your computer to function in its optimal speed. If you don’t know the product you’re using to clean your registry, don’t go for it. It could do more harm than good. Get our product, and you could be looking at safe, quick maintenance of your computer in just a single click.

Our program offers a unique flexibility option by letting you choose which parts of the hard drive you want cleaned. Whether that’s temp and junk files, broken shortcuts, privacy items, recycle bin, invalid registry names, and internet clutter. You can get rid of those in a single click! Then in a few minutes of processing, your computer will be squeaky clean. This is going to make your PC use and web browsing super speedy once again.

The best feature is the Smart Optimizer. Did you know that when you install a new program in your PC, a lot of these programs automatically starts up when you start up your computer. This is exactly the reason why it takes so much time to have your computer up and running–there are too many programs wanting to start up at the same time.

Here’s a video that shows what 1 Click Sweep does in a single click:

Our neighborhood Chinese coin laundry 投幣洗衣 knows all about this. They heard about our product, and they are so much happier now that their PCs are lightning fast once again.

Product Features of 1 Click Sweep


Every single person who has a computer needs some sort of maintenance software in order to increase its shelf life and maintain its speed. There are plenty of programs out there in the web, but to ensure your computer’s absolute safety, you must choose a trusted program. We here at 1 Click Sweep have developed our software for your maximum security. Not only is our program safe, it is also efficient and effective. Some programs could be putting harmful files, and tracking programs in your computer when you install other software.

Here’s a good tutorial on how to clean your PC.

Imagine how much more clean it would be if you used 1 Click Sweep.

The local furniture store who sells desks 辦公桌 knows about this. That’s why they trust us with cleaning up their computers. Now they can’t stop raving about how revolutionizing our product is. Their computers are back up their original speed, and it was done so fast. Within minutes in fact. And the installation was so easy, and the whole process took less than 10 minutes.

If you want to speed up your PC, if you want internet security, if you want faster boot up times, our program is the answer to all that. Our program never expires. It’s a one-time purchase. You’re looking at a lifetime of PC maintenance. Unlimited.

The reviews we have been getting is absolutely amazing. A lot of people are saying they don’t have to buy new laptops or computers, because our product has brought it back to its original speed. Start-up time is just so much quicker, they have been saying, and man, the speed is so fast.