How To Save Your Computer Using 1 Click Sweep


Don’t throw out your computer just yet, just because it’s slow. You can still save it. You can still rescue your computer, and we here at 1 Click Sweep can help you in doing that.

First, let’s figure out why your computer is running so slow using this info graph we found on the web.

There are many reasons for a sluggish computer, and one of them could lead to the horrible blue screen of death. You do not want to see that screen. Trust me.

A slowing down of your computer usually happens due to an extended period of use. However, check to make sure your internet speed isn’t the problem.

Other possible reasons why your computer runs slow are an overload in your startup programs. With 1 Click Sweep, we provide you an option of disabling all those apps that open when your computer boots up. You do not want them competing against each other when you start up your computer. This only leads to disaster.

Another reason your computer is slow is Spyware. There could be malicious programs in your computer. Check with an anti-virus to make sure.

Here is a video to guide you in cleaning your computer some more.

Another thing 1 Click Sweep can help you with is if your registry is chock-full of unnecessary files. With a click of a button, we can clean up your registry for you. What a bloated registry does is it affects PC performance, slows down Windows startup, and makes your PC shut down really slowly, and an overall disruption of your system processes.

Our Chinese design customer knows all about this. Our program was able to lend them a hand with their slow PC problems. Now their PC speeds are as good as new.

1 Click Sweep Services

This video is a great example of our product and how it works. We do not own this video, it is just a good representation of what our company can offer you and so much more. Our company is the best when it comes to cleaning your PC. 1 Click Sweep does that in a single click.

If you have a computer, a PC, a laptop, and it’s slow. You’ve had it for a while, or even for a short while, and suddenly you find it so slow. We have the product for you. 1 Click Sweep, with just 1 click, it’s going to restore and clean your computer. You’ll have your computer at top speed once again. In a very affordable price, you can have your computer speed as good as new. You can have a better PC performance, get some of that hard drive space once again, and you’re going to get all that in just one click.

Our product is top of the line. Your registry is being checked millions of times in minutes, you need your PC to be in tip-top shape to restore that speed up. It is the heart of your computer. Get your PC back to its brand new condition.


It just cleans up all the junk, all those broken shortcuts, all the internet clutter. You don’t realize that every time you delete pictures, programs, you are leaving behind crumbs of data that the registry has to clean. With 1 Click Sweep, it cleans up all those junk and this is one in the top in the market today. There is a company online that teaches people who wants to engage into digital marketing services, you can visit their site,- 搜尋引擎優化. And as you can see their website is in Asian character. You don’t get those annoying pop-ups anymore.

Take it from our customer. Their 5-year old PCs were brought back to life thanks to our product.

A Checklist of How To Clean Your PC


This is a great info graph I found on the web about cleaning your computer much like you would do spring cleaning in your house. That is, you should do it regularly. At least once a year. However, with our software, it doesn’t take much energy to clean your computer. We recommend doing it every 2 weeks even.

Anyway, the info graph lays out a process here of how to clean up your computer and get its speed back up.

First of all, back up your files and documents, and other important data to an external hard drive or in the cloud.

Then update all the OS to the most up-to-date versions. Then delete and uninstall all programs and applications that you don’t need. You know what I’m talking about. That expired software really has to go. And those out-of-date games. They’re just taking up space.

Next would be to update your antivirus software. Audit your passwords for your online accounts, then make use of a password management application. There are plenty of those on the web. Just type it up on the search bar.

Afterwards, upgrade your computer memory to ensure your computer has the resources to efficiently run the programs in the system.

Do not forget to thoroughly clean your registry. Remove all unwanted temporary files from all the web browsing you did for all those months. Maybe years. You can do that with our software. And it’s so easy. All it takes is one click after you install it.

Just ask our newest client–a local interior design company. They have sent us a good review about how our program has helped their computers speed up a bit.

What 1 Click Sweep Can Offer You


We’re really excited to share with you our product. Why do you need it you may ask? Well, if you have a computer, then you definitely need this. This computer cleaner is going to change the way you look at PC maintenance. It is going to clean your registry–the soul of a computer. What our software does is that it wipes out all those pesky, unnecessary files that are clogging up your registry.

You need 1 Click Sweep to maintain the speed of your computer and get it right back to how fast it was the first time you purchased your laptop. You need 1 Click Sweep to make your computer less slow. It goes in your computer and just sweeps all those junk in your hard drive. Because every time you hit that delete button, there is a trail of fragments that your computer has to clean, and it gets stuck up on those fragments. The great thing about 1 Click Sweep is that it just wipes all that clean. Your computer will function faster. You’ll see the difference for sure.


No more of those annoying loading symbols that make us so frustrated. It will even prolong the life of your computer. If you want to maintain your PC today, get 1 Click Sweep. We have had raving reviews from our customers. There is a certain big and famous company that has been sending us a handful of emails of how awesome our product is, and how much faster their systems are now because of 1 Click Sweep.

Saving Time and Increasing Efficiency With 1 Click Sweep


This info graph from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is super awesome. It tells us of the hidden cost of a slow PC. Imagine that? Something as minute as a slow PC can actually hamper the productivity and overall performance of a day’s work. Think of what it can do if you extend that to 10 years, or more? Your company could be losing more than just patience when it comes to a slow PC.

That’s why we here at 1 Click Sweep have developed a program for you to help you alleviate some of the burden of having a slow PC. We can assist in making your PC faster, and better.

Continuing work by tolerating a slow PC can do a lot of damage. According to this infograph, just 5 minutes of delayed start-up time can lose you 2,500 minutes in 250 days. That’s 42.67 hours. The average American worker makes about $23.38 per hour. Multiply that by 42.67 hours, and you get a whopping $974.17 per year. That’s about $1,000 per employee per year.

Here’s a tutorial on how to really optimize that deep clean.

We can take off the burden of doing a lot of cleaning work for you by disabling that pesky software from loading when your PC starts up. Our special disable feature for apps that open when you start-up your computer can save you a lot of time AND money.

Take it from our client that runs a small office rental business. They know the value of time when it comes to their business. Their sales are based on time itself. So, they place importance on efficiency of computers, so that no minute is wasted.

How To Clean Your PC With the Help of 1 Click Sweep

The first thing you want to do is check for updates, and update your PC of all pending updates. The next thing you want to do is download our software, 1 Click Sweep. We guarantee that our program is absolutely safe.

Once you download and install our program you will find the interface. Check off all the things you don’t want to clean up. Then click Analyze first on the windows. This will analyze all the junk in your computer. The main thing it does is clean up all that accumulated files from using the internet. Sometimes the garbage can go up to 40 gigabytes of garbage in your computer. That’s going to take a huge toll on your system.

Once it’s done analyzing, just click Run 1 Click Sweep, and wait a few minutes, and it will clean up your system.

Your computer speed will drastically improve after.

Don’t forget to go to your registry and clean up the files there too. It’s going to take a few minutes.

Then you can go to tools and uninstall all the software you don’t need. The more apps you have, the slower your PC will be. Games consume a big chunk of your PC performance. Make sure that you know what you are deleting before you uninstall, because you’re going to need to install that back if you delete it.

Then you can disable all the apps that startup automatically when your PC starts. This part alone will have a huge effect on the startup speed of your computer.


Here’s what other people do when they face a slow PC, but not our satisfied user from the autocad industry. They know all about the PC cleaning process, plus they have 1 Click Sweep, and now their PCs are cleaner and faster.

How Your Slow Computer Affects Your Health and How 1 Click Sweep Can Help


According to this infographic, we waste a lot of time waiting on slow computers. Adults in the US waste an average of 16 minutes per day waiting for a slow computer to load. That’s about 4.1 days per year waiting on slow computers.

You know, there are more important things to do in life than wait for a slow computer. People don’t have enough time to take proper care of themselves anymore. Fifty percent were aware of their lack of exercise, but they just don’t have enough time to do it, they say. Thirty nine percent would like to plan meals or cook more. Thirty one percent would increase activity.

Americans say that if they had an extra hour of free time they would either exercise or sleep. The percentage is about 24-30% preference for sleep, 246-35% preference for exercise, the rest of the percentage is for other things they want to do with extra time. Those are definitely two things that are so much better than wasting it on waiting for your computer to boot or load that tab.

And imagine what that 4.1 days per year could be spent on. Your employees could be either spending an equivalent of 4.1 days of recovery sleep, or become healthier, happier employees by exercising more or planning and cooking home-cooked meals.

The US Department of Health and Services recommends a minimum of 75 minutes per week of vigorous intensity aerobic workout. Health is really important when it comes to maintaining productivity in the work place.

Here’s what you can do to help your computer speed up:

One of our clients from the Asian Company Registration department is aware of this. That’s why they sought our assistance for cleaning and speeding up their PCs significantly.

How 1ClickSweep Helps You With Internet Privacy

On the video above, you will understand why internet privacy is so important. You must protect your personal information as much as possible if you don’t want companies making money out of you. This is where 1 Click Sweep comes in the picture. We can help you protect the information you have on your PC.

According to the video, if you’re not paying for the product, then you are the product. This is absolutely true. According to Allan Henry from, you should care about internet privacy. Every time you go from one website to the next, information is being collected from you by companies. This information is what powers millions of companies around the world. If you don’t want your personal information to be used by companies to make profits, you have to understand the transaction process that takes place when they obtain a new product, or get a free software.

When you sign up for a new account at whatever service on the internet, you have to at least brush over the terms and conditions as much as possible. Example, if you sign up for a social network, and the terms and conditions state that the website owns whatever image that you post in your profile. Even if it’s personal photos of you and your family.

What you can do about this is download and purchase our product and with a click of a button, you can rid of these threats of security. You can clean your computer of past websites that have collected information from you. Avail of our newly updated browser extension product.

Here are two companies that have similar functions as 1 Click Sweep:

Many companies have availed of our products. A satisfied customer recently told us that our product has really helped them clean their PCs.

How To Speed Up Your Computer

You’ll see in this video some tips on how you can make your computer run faster. This video is not affiliated in any way to our company, however, our program runs a very similar mechanism to this one. 1 Click Sweep offers the same features as this program, and so much more. If you’re tired of a slow, and cluttered PC, then this is the answer for you.

Is your computer starting to be unresponsive. Aren’t you tired of being frustrated from the constant lagging and hanging of your computer? 1 Click Sweep is a great application developed by leading professionals that cleans up your entire PC that will improve your computer’s responsiveness.

It’s really easy to use. Just analyze, then click the clean-up button. Simply choose the options you want to scan, and then click clean. Or you can have a full-clean option by selecting them all.

All those files that are not needed will be gone. Those cache files, system logs, and application fragments. It will only take a few minutes to clean up your PC without affecting any of your installed applications.

You can enjoy a clean registry, which is one of the factors affecting every PC’s speed, with simply a click of a button.

Our fellow knows about this. They too have jumped in the bandwagon, and experienced the deep cleaning features of 1 Click Sweep themselves.

After installing the program in their computers, they now enjoy super fast speeds, much like the time they first installed their PCs.

Here’s what a slow website does to your brain. Imagine what a slow computer will do to your brain.


Improved Features of 1 Click Sweep


A PC cleaner removes trash data from your computer. This makes the computer run more efficiently, and run faster. It also allows the PC to boot faster. They provide a great alternative for people looking to save some money.

One other similar software from 1 Click Sweep is CCleaner. We here at the company would like to tell you that our program runs in a similar manner as this software, without the disadvantage of having only a few configuration options.

1 Click Sweep also offers an improved Windows 8 support system, as well as improved history clean-up. We also now have an additional Google Chrome extension management feature. Our acclaimed computer optimization is truly the industry’s cream of the crop.

We offer you the chance to have a faster computer, a faster startup time, safer browsing, and less errors and crashing in your computer. You can say goodbye to lag and crashes, and our computer’s hard drive will be so much freer when you avail of our product. Your computer’s condition will be as good as new.

With our new features, you can have safer browsing. All your confidential data (your identity, contact information) remains safe and secure thanks to us.

Here is a video that shows a software that operates with the same mechanism as 1 Click Sweep:

Our program is trusted by thousands of people from all over the world. One such is a furniture store that sells screen compartments 屏風隔間. Their computers are now in safe hands now that they have purchased and downloaded our software. That means a lifetime of PC maintenance, and a lifetime of fast PC usability, thanks to our software.