How to Maintain Your Computer with The Help of 1 Click Sweep


This infograph shows how to keep your computer in good condition so it won’t “byte” you in the butt.

You know how expensive computer repairs can be these days, so it’s best to keep additional costs at bay by knowing how to maintain your PCs.

When it comes to business, we always try as best as we can to reduce unnecessary costs.

So, what are the five most expensive reasons your computer needs to be repaired? According to the infographic it’s data loss, a cracked or broken LCD screen, moisture, overheating, and viruses.

A call to your PC repair shop can cost you anywhere around 30 dollars to over 600 dollars PER HOUR. And that’s just the diagnosis.

To stop you from visiting the dreaded computer repair shop, it’s important that you take good care of your PC. You have to ensure that the hard drive isn’t too full. You have to make sure it’s not harboring any unnecessary files. And you can take care of these problems by downloading and purchasing the full version of our software.


Our product offers a deep clean for your computer and brings you faster speeds. That’s the promise our company brings you. You will soon observe that the start up speed of your computer will improve. Rebooting will be so much faster, and memory can even lessen for up to 30 gigabytes, depending on how long you’ve been using your laptop, and the last time you cleaned it.

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