How to Maintain Your Computer Using 1 Click Sweep


This infograph shows clearly how to boost the health and lifespan of your PC using very concrete steps.

We know that installing a lot of third party programs and having multiple applications running simultaneously causes your computer to function significantly slower than when it was brand new. You might even be familiar with the infamous blue screen of death (BSOD). However, you don’t have to be stuck with this problem forever. There are solutions to this. With 1 Click Sweep and these steps, you can improve your PC’s speed and clean your memory of unwanted files.

According to this infograph, the most common computer problems are

  1. Fragmented Data
  2. Corrupted Registry
  3. Spyware
  4. Load of Unnecessary Programs and Services

We can help you with 2 of these factors. Your registry can be cleaned by our software. What’s more, we can unload your PC of unnecessary programs and services.

This is exactly what our software did to our client that offers consultation services for businesses. Now their PCs do not freeze anymore.

So, what can cause a PC screen to freeze? It could be more than your files. Also check your hardware, drivers, OS, memory fragmentation, loading order, etc.

If your PC spontaneously restarts or turns off, then make sure the cables are not loose. Check if your fan is functioning. Clean the fan. Your computer may be shutting down, because your computer tries to cool itself by switching off. A computer with a problem like this may be attributed to a hardware issue.