Spring Cleaning Your Computer With 1 Click Sweep


This is a great info graph we found in the interweb. It indicates some great ways to clean your computer, and we found that it is congruent to 1 Click Sweep’s advocacy of cleaning your computer.

I’m sure you know how irritating slow PCs can be. Well, part of the reason why your PC is so slow is because there are too many files in your computer. Or worse, too many files that you don’t really need.

The first thing you should do is clean up your folders. Delete those files and programs that you no longer need. Also, if you have time, organize the rest.


The next thing to do is scan for viruses and malware. Make sure they are updated, and make sure to do regular scans of your system.

Next would be to make sure your firewall is working. The firewall is important in maintaining the security of your PC.

Next would be to install any outdated software patches and programs. Restart your computer and turn on automatic updates.

Next is something we can be of assistance with–cleaning your cache of temporary files. We here at 1 Click Sweep specialize in this part of the cleaning process of your computer. We clear your temporary internet files folder. You don’t have to worry about locating where they are or deleting anything important by accident. Our software does all that for you with a single click of a button.

The next processes are to empty your trash, defrag your computer, and back up important files.

There other ways to clean your PC internally and externally too.

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