Reasons Why Your Computer Lags


Did you know that 75% of small business owners say that a crashed computer disrupts work more than a sick employee. Yes, that’s how much value a computer holds in the work place. So much work productivity is lost when a PC is down. That is why maintenance is absolutely crucial.

What do people do when their computer hangs? A lot of people do some violent act towards the computer than call for help. Some said their first reaction is to hit the computer, others say they shout at the computer, and others say they try to do some sweet talk to their computer (cute, right?).

On the info graph it says that there are 10 main reasons why computers freeze.

  1. Your hard drive is almost full
  2. You don’t have enough memory
  3. There are just too many programs running
  4. Your computer is vulnerable to security threats
  5. There are compatibility issues
  6. There is a virus in your computer
  7. Your hardware is malfunctioning
  8. You are in dire need of disk defragmentation
  9. Your registry is whacked up or full
  10. Your PC has poor ventilation

These can be categorized into two reasons: (1) Hardware cause, and a (2) Software cause.

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What do you do when your PC freezes?

  1. Run your anti-virus and scan your computer
  2. Uninstall all unnecessary programs
  3. Close applications
  4. Defragment your disk
  5. Clean up your registry
  6. Use a maintenance tool to clean your PC up
  7. Open your computer and rid of all the dust
  8. Reformat your disk
  9. Downgrade to a lower OS

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