How To Give Your Computer A Deep Clean

Remember the time when you waded on the mud when it was raining and you took a shower that makes you feel so clean afterwards? That’s the same feeling your PC will get when you use 1 Click Sweep.

In fact, here is a tutorial to show you how 1 Click Sweep can clean up your PC. This guy will show you how to clean up your PC with a different software, but just do the same thing with 1 Click Sweep.

The first thing you should is not put anything on your desktop. Like, as few icons as you can. This will really take a toll on your start up time, that’s why you should really take time to sort your files and clean your desktop.

You should also download our software. You can try the free trial if you want to test our product. After double clicking the program after it downloads, check the boxes you want for the installation options (we recommend just using default settings to avoid complications, really).

Then it will take you to the software window. On the left you will see the temporary internet files, history, cookies, recently typed URLs, recent documents, run, caches, thumbnail caches.

Just clean those all up.

After that clean your registry. This is the core of your computer speed. Your registry needs to be clean.

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