How To Use 1 Click Sweep

This is a quick guide on how to use 1 Click Sweep. The video above shows a similar installation process. This is not our product, it is simply a sample demonstration.

We have a trial version and a paid version of 1 Click Sweep. Just go to a search engine and type download 1 Click Sweep. That will take you to our website, and download the version you want, whether that’s the free version or the paid version.

After downloading, you will be prompted by a user account control window which will ask you to authorize the installation of the program. Then you get the installation window. Click “Next.” Choose the options you prefer. We prefer just leaving all the options to default. Then afterwards, click finish, and 1 Click Sweep will run automatically.

On the left side of the tool bar you will find the “Cleaner” tab. Here you will find the boxes that you can check and uncheck. These are the files that you want to clean. You have:

  1. Temporary Internet Files
  2. Cookies
  3. History
  4. Recently Opened Tabs
  5. Recently Opened Files
  6. Last Download Location

Then you can see the Windows explorer tab. Here you will find:

  1. Recent Documents
  2. Thumbnail Cache
  3. Start Menu Run In

Next is the System menu where you will find

  1. Recycle Bin
  2. Temp files
  3. History files
  4. File Fragments


You will understand the application more once you open and install it. There you can check all the things you want to delete. The Run 1 Click Sweep button is in the lower right part of the window, and after you click that, your computer is now clean.

A furniture company selling meeting tables 會議桌 followed the same instructions shown in the video above, and they were able to have the program running in no time.