“My Review of 1ClickSweep” by Tom Andrade

This product has been heaven-sent for me. Before I knew of 1ClickSweep, I used to worry about people finding out where I was surfing. You know how inconvenient that is. Hackers are everywhere now, not to mention snooty people (kids, relatives), it’s good to have a ready resource to rid of my surfing history in just a click of a button. You know how it is when you’re handling important data, and confidential data, you need to be extra careful not to let anyone see or get access to these. When you need it disposed, 1ClickSweep will wipe it off the face of the Earth.
Another cool thing about 1ClickSweep is that it deletes your download history. As a single man in his late 50s, I have some things to hide. Especially in my computer and web browser. 1ClickSweep became the answer to all my download history woes.
Aside from this, I tend to lurk on websites more than usual, and people can see how many times you’ve been on a certain website. That’s why 1ClickSweep is so convenient for me, because I can just delete that information. I don’t need anyone knowing I’ve been through my ex’s Facebook profile 87 times in a day. And other information of that nature.
As for the interface of the software, it has a really simple look, which makes it really easy to use. Usually with other software, you don’t know where to click, and where to put your cursor, but with 1ClickSweep, I was able to navigate the software easily. The buttons are very visible, and you don’t need to read a manual to understand how it works. It’s just a click of a button!
My only regret is that I wish I installed it earlier. This program could’ve saved me a lot of time. All those useless files consuming space in my computer would’ve been gone sooner if I installed 1ClickSweep in the past. I couldn’t believe it worked. All my storage worries were gone in a flash. I recommend that you avail of it now.
This software has become a complete answer to wiping out my unwanted files, and cleaning my private records both online and offline. My privacy has never been more secure. And it was done it just one clean sweep.
Before computer trash was such a big problem, but not anymore. My leftover documents and files from browsing the internet and quick downloading can quickly build up over time, and it really takes a toll on my storage. What’s more, cookies from suspicious websites and careless downloads leave opportunities for threats to attack your computer. My computer was very prone to threats in security, privacy, and my capability of using my own system. 1ClickSweep really leaves my computer squeaky clean, and deletes the tracks that daily use does to computers.
What 1ClickSweep does is that it removes temporary files, internet address files, offline files, favorites, clipboard content, and recently opened documents. This puts this security software at the top ranks of its kind. It’s high functionality and versatility makes for a great software.
When you have plans of passing down your laptop to somebody else (especially to kids), this software will leave you worry-free. It’l wipe out your entire hard drive. What makes this unique is that not like other cleaning software, this one has an extra versatility function to remove and clean files one by one, or as a group.
This video I found in Youtube does the exact same thing as 1 Click Sweep but in a more permanent and sustainable way: