How to Maintain Your Computer Using 1 Click Sweep


This infograph shows clearly how to boost the health and lifespan of your PC using very concrete steps.

We know that installing a lot of third party programs and having multiple applications running simultaneously causes your computer to function significantly slower than when it was brand new. You might even be familiar with the infamous blue screen of death (BSOD). However, you don’t have to be stuck with this problem forever. There are solutions to this. With 1 Click Sweep and these steps, you can improve your PC’s speed and clean your memory of unwanted files.

According to this infograph, the most common computer problems are

  1. Fragmented Data
  2. Corrupted Registry
  3. Spyware
  4. Load of Unnecessary Programs and Services

We can help you with 2 of these factors. Your registry can be cleaned by our software. What’s more, we can unload your PC of unnecessary programs and services.

This is exactly what our software did to our client that offers consultation services for businesses. Now their PCs do not freeze anymore.

So, what can cause a PC screen to freeze? It could be more than your files. Also check your hardware, drivers, OS, memory fragmentation, loading order, etc.

If your PC spontaneously restarts or turns off, then make sure the cables are not loose. Check if your fan is functioning. Clean the fan. Your computer may be shutting down, because your computer tries to cool itself by switching off. A computer with a problem like this may be attributed to a hardware issue.

How 1 Click Sweep Can Make You More Efficient


This info graph from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is super awesome. It tells us of the hidden cost of a slow PC. Imagine that? Something as minute as a slow PC can actually hamper the productivity and overall performance of a day’s work. Think of what it can do if you extend that to 10 years, or more? Your company could be losing more than just patience when it comes to a slow PC.

That’s why we here at 1 Click Sweep have developed a program for you to help you alleviate some of the burden of having a slow PC. We can assist in making your PC faster, and better.

Continuing work by tolerating a slow PC can do a lot of damage. According to this infograph, just 5 minutes of delayed start-up time can lose you 2,500 minutes in 250 days. That’s 42.67 hours. The average American worker makes about $23.38 per hour. Multiply that by 42.67 hours, and you get a whopping $974.17 per year. That’s about $1,000 per employee per year.

We can take off that burden for you by disabling that pesky software from loading when your PC starts up. Our special disable feature for apps that open when you start-up your computer can save you a lot of time AND money.

Take it from our client that runs a small office rental business. They know the value of time when it comes to their business. Their sales are based on time itself. So, they place importance on efficiency of computers, so that no minute is wasted.

Reasons Why Your Computer Lags


Did you know that 75% of small business owners say that a crashed computer disrupts work more than a sick employee. Yes, that’s how much value a computer holds in the work place. So much work productivity is lost when a PC is down. That is why maintenance is absolutely crucial.

What do people do when their computer hangs? A lot of people do some violent act towards the computer than call for help. Some said their first reaction is to hit the computer, others say they shout at the computer, and others say they try to do some sweet talk to their computer (cute, right?).

On the info graph it says that there are 10 main reasons why computers freeze.

  1. Your hard drive is almost full
  2. You don’t have enough memory
  3. There are just too many programs running
  4. Your computer is vulnerable to security threats
  5. There are compatibility issues
  6. There is a virus in your computer
  7. Your hardware is malfunctioning
  8. You are in dire need of disk defragmentation
  9. Your registry is whacked up or full
  10. Your PC has poor ventilation

These can be categorized into two reasons: (1) Hardware cause, and a (2) Software cause.

laptop-3242 laptop-4809

What do you do when your PC freezes?

  1. Run your anti-virus and scan your computer
  2. Uninstall all unnecessary programs
  3. Close applications
  4. Defragment your disk
  5. Clean up your registry
  6. Use a maintenance tool to clean your PC up
  7. Open your computer and rid of all the dust
  8. Reformat your disk
  9. Downgrade to a lower OS

Our neighborhood travel agency has been complaining a lot about these problems. That’s why they consulted us to fix their slow PC problems. They are in the business of processing your visa, and they loved our product. Now their productivity is up due to fast computer systems.

How To Give Your Computer A Deep Clean

Remember the time when you waded on the mud when it was raining and you took a shower that makes you feel so clean afterwards? That’s the same feeling your PC will get when you use 1 Click Sweep.

In fact, here is a tutorial to show you how 1 Click Sweep can clean up your PC. This guy will show you how to clean up your PC with a different software, but just do the same thing with 1 Click Sweep.

The first thing you should is not put anything on your desktop. Like, as few icons as you can. This will really take a toll on your start up time, that’s why you should really take time to sort your files and clean your desktop.

You should also download our software. You can try the free trial if you want to test our product. After double clicking the program after it downloads, check the boxes you want for the installation options (we recommend just using default settings to avoid complications, really).

Then it will take you to the software window. On the left you will see the temporary internet files, history, cookies, recently typed URLs, recent documents, run, caches, thumbnail caches.

Just clean those all up.

After that clean your registry. This is the core of your computer speed. Your registry needs to be clean.

You can have over 40 gigabytes of space freed up. Just ask the guys who run the travel permi business. They tested it on their computers, and they sent us an email about how great it’s done to their business. When you are looking for the best dress in the world of fashion today, look fir the nearest bridal shop in your place. Commonly, people choose Jasmine brand when it comes bridal fashion. They usually work on the design of gowns for brides and other characters included in a wedding event.

How to Maintain Your Computer with The Help of 1 Click Sweep


This infograph shows how to keep your computer in good condition so it won’t “byte” you in the butt.

You know how expensive computer repairs can be these days, so it’s best to keep additional costs at bay by knowing how to maintain your PCs.

When it comes to business, we always try as best as we can to reduce unnecessary costs.

So, what are the five most expensive reasons your computer needs to be repaired? According to the infographic it’s data loss, a cracked or broken LCD screen, moisture, overheating, and viruses.

A call to your PC repair shop can cost you anywhere around 30 dollars to over 600 dollars PER HOUR. And that’s just the diagnosis.

To stop you from visiting the dreaded computer repair shop, it’s important that you take good care of your PC. You have to ensure that the hard drive isn’t too full. You have to make sure it’s not harboring any unnecessary files. And you can take care of these problems by downloading and purchasing the full version of our software.


Our product offers a deep clean for your computer and brings you faster speeds. That’s the promise our company brings you. You will soon observe that the start up speed of your computer will improve. Rebooting will be so much faster, and memory can even lessen for up to 30 gigabytes, depending on how long you’ve been using your laptop, and the last time you cleaned it.

Our recent client from the credit loan industry 信用貸款  has experienced the magic of 1 Click Sweep themselves. Now, their PCs are better, faster, and cleaner

A Review From the Asian Office Furniture Store

Startup Stock Photos office

Our favorite Asian office furniture store just gave us a great review.  All their office computers have been maintained, and brought back to its original speed thanks to our product. Just like a car whose oil has recently been changed, their computers are newly maintained. It’s not replacing their hard drive, it’s cleaning their hard drive in order to delete unnecessary files that you normally can’t delete without a software, and freeing up that disk space.


They sent us an email saying, “Thank you so much for your service. Our computers’ speed are as good as new. We didn’t need to hire a maintenance guy, so that saved us a lot of money.”

With 1 Click Sweep, you can get all that in under 2 minutes. Our program is really just a small file, 4 megabytes is not much, really.


Do you know that folder with all those unnecessary pictures from the websites you visited. That’s not a folder you would want on your computer. Our program will delete those unnecessary files in your computer.

Your registry should be squeaky clean in order for your computer speed to be fast. 1 Click Sweep is a one time download or purchase software that will give you computer maintenance for a lifetime. You only have to click 1 button, and voila! Your computer is as fast as a cheetah once again.

These days, you can’t just trust any hard drive cleaner on the internet. With 1 Click Sweep, you can ensure that the safety of your computer is guaranteed. That’s the furniture store’s 辦公家具 guarantee.

Spring Cleaning Your Computer With 1 Click Sweep


This is a great info graph we found in the interweb. It indicates some great ways to clean your computer, and we found that it is congruent to 1 Click Sweep’s advocacy of cleaning your computer.

I’m sure you know how irritating slow PCs can be. Well, part of the reason why your PC is so slow is because there are too many files in your computer. Or worse, too many files that you don’t really need.

The first thing you should do is clean up your folders. Delete those files and programs that you no longer need. Also, if you have time, organize the rest.


The next thing to do is scan for viruses and malware. Make sure they are updated, and make sure to do regular scans of your system.

Next would be to make sure your firewall is working. The firewall is important in maintaining the security of your PC.

Next would be to install any outdated software patches and programs. Restart your computer and turn on automatic updates.

Next is something we can be of assistance with–cleaning your cache of temporary files. We here at 1 Click Sweep specialize in this part of the cleaning process of your computer. We clear your temporary internet files folder. You don’t have to worry about locating where they are or deleting anything important by accident. Our software does all that for you with a single click of a button.

The next processes are to empty your trash, defrag your computer, and back up important files.

There other ways to clean your PC internally and externally too.

Our client in the business of office rentals, John Soo, in Asia knows all about this process, and how our product has helped them achieve maximum PC maintenance. Bridesmaids has their respective dress colors and designs that will fit to the theme of the wedding. The reason why brides maids dresses should corresponds to the theme is that to look more good. Wedding  is the best event among any other occasion as it is the time for you to marry the person you ove the most.

Product Review from a Self-Service Laundry Company

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Our local self-service laundry has availed of our product and surprise, surprise, they loved it! The company has been dealing with their slow computers for over half a decade already, and it has really taken a toll in the running of their business. The clerks have been at their wit’s end trying to process all the data from their customers.

All those programs that have accumulated in their computer has made starting up their computer a real chore. The features of 1 Click Sweep has a feature that totally increases the speed of the start up of your PC. For a one-time purchase, you can get a lifetime of high-speed PC use. A computer that is basically brand new in terms of speed. Plus, it clears a lot of space for your hard drive.


Just like cars that need an oil change every so often, your computer needs maintenance. The Asian self-service laundry 宏閩洗衣 knows about this. Our product offers the maintenance that your computer needs. Remember the feeling of having your computer for the first time, man, that PC must have been fast as a horse. Now, it’s more like a turtle than anything, really.

Rather than have some maintenance guy come in and charge you a small fortune for cleaning up your computer, you can get this software for a minimum amount, and you can clean up your computer like any pro. It’s super easy to use. You just have to install it, and click that prominent clean-up button after checking out the things you want to clean.

“My Review of 1ClickSweep” by Tom Andrade

This product has been heaven-sent for me. Before I knew of 1ClickSweep, I used to worry about people finding out where I was surfing. You know how inconvenient that is. Hackers are everywhere now, not to mention snooty people (kids, relatives), it’s good to have a ready resource to rid of my surfing history in just a click of a button. You know how it is when you’re handling important data, and confidential data, you need to be extra careful not to let anyone see or get access to these. When you need it disposed, 1ClickSweep will wipe it off the face of the Earth.
Another cool thing about 1ClickSweep is that it deletes your download history. As a single man in his late 50s, I have some things to hide. Especially in my computer and web browser. 1ClickSweep became the answer to all my download history woes.
Aside from this, I tend to lurk on websites more than usual, and people can see how many times you’ve been on a certain website. That’s why 1ClickSweep is so convenient for me, because I can just delete that information. I don’t need anyone knowing I’ve been through my ex’s Facebook profile 87 times in a day. And other information of that nature.
As for the interface of the software, it has a really simple look, which makes it really easy to use. Usually with other software, you don’t know where to click, and where to put your cursor, but with 1ClickSweep, I was able to navigate the software easily. The buttons are very visible, and you don’t need to read a manual to understand how it works. It’s just a click of a button!
My only regret is that I wish I installed it earlier. This program could’ve saved me a lot of time. All those useless files consuming space in my computer would’ve been gone sooner if I installed 1ClickSweep in the past. I couldn’t believe it worked. All my storage worries were gone in a flash. I recommend that you avail of it now.
This software has become a complete answer to wiping out my unwanted files, and cleaning my private records both online and offline. My privacy has never been more secure. And it was done it just one clean sweep.
Before computer trash was such a big problem, but not anymore. My leftover documents and files from browsing the internet and quick downloading can quickly build up over time, and it really takes a toll on my storage. What’s more, cookies from suspicious websites and careless downloads leave opportunities for threats to attack your computer. My computer was very prone to threats in security, privacy, and my capability of using my own system. 1ClickSweep really leaves my computer squeaky clean, and deletes the tracks that daily use does to computers.
What 1ClickSweep does is that it removes temporary files, internet address files, offline files, favorites, clipboard content, and recently opened documents. This puts this security software at the top ranks of its kind. It’s high functionality and versatility makes for a great software.
When you have plans of passing down your laptop to somebody else (especially to kids), this software will leave you worry-free. It’l wipe out your entire hard drive. What makes this unique is that not like other cleaning software, this one has an extra versatility function to remove and clean files one by one, or as a group.
This video I found in Youtube does the exact same thing as 1 Click Sweep but in a more permanent and sustainable way:

How To Use 1 Click Sweep

This is a quick guide on how to use 1 Click Sweep. The video above shows a similar installation process. This is not our product, it is simply a sample demonstration.

We have a trial version and a paid version of 1 Click Sweep. Just go to a search engine and type download 1 Click Sweep. That will take you to our website, and download the version you want, whether that’s the free version or the paid version.

After downloading, you will be prompted by a user account control window which will ask you to authorize the installation of the program. Then you get the installation window. Click “Next.” Choose the options you prefer. We prefer just leaving all the options to default. Then afterwards, click finish, and 1 Click Sweep will run automatically.

On the left side of the tool bar you will find the “Cleaner” tab. Here you will find the boxes that you can check and uncheck. These are the files that you want to clean. You have:

  1. Temporary Internet Files
  2. Cookies
  3. History
  4. Recently Opened Tabs
  5. Recently Opened Files
  6. Last Download Location

Then you can see the Windows explorer tab. Here you will find:

  1. Recent Documents
  2. Thumbnail Cache
  3. Start Menu Run In

Next is the System menu where you will find

  1. Recycle Bin
  2. Temp files
  3. History files
  4. File Fragments


You will understand the application more once you open and install it. There you can check all the things you want to delete. The Run 1 Click Sweep button is in the lower right part of the window, and after you click that, your computer is now clean.

A furniture company selling meeting tables 會議桌 followed the same instructions shown in the video above, and they were able to have the program running in no time.