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Clear your search and internet history with just 1 click!

1 Click Sweep has a Safe Clean button that instantaneously clears up unwanted data, caches, thumbnails, installation files, and unnecessary files. Computer junk files are a growing dilemma for PC users. Computer clutter left behind from browsing on the Internet and downloading easily accumulates and eats up PC memory as well as other system resources. Cookies from shady websites and careless downloads leave opportunities for threats to your PC security, online privacy, and use of your PC. 1 Click Sweep securely and efficiently clears up and stops these threats on their tracks. With 1 Click Sweep you can be sure of the safety and security of your PC, and not worry about your internet search history or PC performance.

Unbeaten functionality and efficiency sets 1 Click Sweep at the top ranks in security software. Other than leftover temp files, 1 Click Sweep also cleans out favorites, Internet Address files, recently opened files, offline files, and even clipboard content. 1 Click Sweep also has a great feature for completely wiping out your hard drive completely, which makes it safer to sell your PC to other people, or pass on to kids. The uniqueness of this function, which sets it apart from other PC cleaners, is that 1 Click Sweep has an additional versatility feature to eliminate and clean files in groups or specific files.


Key Features

Privacy Protection

  • Cleans auto complete forms (login information, usernames, passwords)
  • Eliminates temporary files from the Internet
  • Eliminates cookies
  • Cleans Search History
  • Cleans list of recent files, search results, recently opened files, and clipboard content
  • Protects against spyware

Security Guard

  • Permanently deletes documents and files to make sure retrieval is impossible, using any of the erasure algorithms:
    • Quick Sweep
    • GOST P50739-95 (Russian)
    • Sanitizing standard DoD 5220.22-M (US Department of Defense)
    • Secure deletion of Magnetic and Solid-State Memory (Developed by┬áPeter Guttman)
  • Cleans entries in directory
  • Cleans cluster tips
  • Allows free disk space


  • Schedules cleaning times and predefined lists
  • Schedules steps for cleaning in the background